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I, the undersigned, am the Founder-Owner of 100% Free Online Auction "" and Sale City Me Inc. company from Florida.
We are ready to provide all the registration documents about our company. I am writing this letter to ask if you would be interested in sponsoring this 100% Free Online Auction "".
Auction there are more than 2 years. All this time I kept it at my own expense.
I'm trying to help people by providing the opportunity to sell and buy items and services without paying any fees.
You are right to say that such auctions a lot, but I note that my auction 100% free.
This you can see by visiting the page "Site Fees".
I want to give people the opportunity to have extra income by selling items for which they have already paid the full price and taxes (there are those who have paid and delivery).
At this time, the auction began to develop but I do not have enough funds.I know how need money families with low-income.
I promise you that my auction will ALWAYS be 100% free for buyers and sellers, as he belongs to me.

Help OUR auction and together We can help the many people.
I am willing to provide monthly reports on the spending of sponsorship funds.
Reports will be posted on the auction site in the section "Our Community".

All funds received from our sponsors will be spent as follows:
- 70% Advertisement
- 15% Payment for rent servers, hosting
- 15% Payments for IT programmers who work to improve auction site
We guarantee to provide monthly reports on the flow of funds.
Reports will be published in the section "Our Community".

Your generous contribution to the event can be highlighted in a number of ways. You can select the same from the following list:
- Name of your company (or your Personal name) in promotional material.
- Name of your company (or your Personal name) on banners at Auction Home page.
- Advertise your company or service for free in one of the selected sections of the auction (per-specifying terms of advertising).

We expect an estimated audience of more 200k people in first 6-7 month and we are sure that all of them would benefit greatly from your support to the event. Your ad seen by thousands of people.

If you are interested in being a part of this event, then you can contact us at .